Guide to buying the right mobile phone
If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone deal or are due an upgrade, this guide should help you navigate the plethora of deals available. Shopping for a new mobile phone can be daunting. With so many handsets to choose from and websites boasting about how many hundreds of thousands of packages they offer, it’s hard to know whether you’re getting a good deal. As most people are already on a contract plan, this often leads to them simply accepting the first thing their network offers them when their upgrade comes around. Although this makes for a quiet life, it can end up costing you a bomb, especially if you’re on a 24 month contract. We’ve enlisted the help of Mark Bridge, mobile phone expert and podcast producer at, to help you feel happy and confident in your new mobile package.

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The right handset

The first thing you should be sure about is the handset that you want. There’s a lot of choice available, from simple call and text devices to all-singing, all-dancing internet enabled smartphones. Think about the features that you want to phone to have. You don’t want your new phone to be missing something you need or be too complicated for you to use. Bridge says: "Don’t get carried away by paying for flashy features you may never need. At the moment, many manufacturers are emphasising screen size and processor speed. "A larger display is often easier to use, but it can be easier to break, too. The processor is the heart of your phone, so it’s worth looking for high specifications if you expect it to handle several things at once. "And remember to ask about battery life – even the smartest phone is useless when the power runs out!" Once you’re sure of the features you want and don’t want, you’ll feel more comfortable if you have to speak to a sales person and won’t be pressured into buying a phone you don’t want.

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