How to calculate your home contents value
Ever wondered how much cover you need? Here's how to value the possession in your home. When you take out home contents insurance, you will be asked how much cover you want. The figure you choose should represent the total value of the possessions in your home. This excludes the fabric of your property, such as walls, windows and your roof, which are covered under a buildings policy. As a rule of thumb, anything you would take with you if you moved house should be covered by the contents policy, including items such as curtains and carpets. Remember, contents cover is not just to protect against burglary. Imagine your home was destroyed by fire: you would need to replace practically everything you owned – and that is why it is vital to get an accurate level of cover. Take a look at our guide to calculating the cost of your possessions around the home or use our handy contents calculator to work out the value of your possessions.

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Are you undervaluing your contents?

Should you cover your clothes? Furniture? Carpets? Or what about kitchenware? reporter Lois Avery undervalued her contents by £15,000. Watch this video and find out the best way to ensure you’re protecting all your possessions from risks such as theft, fire and flood damage.

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