Pretend you’re an accountant
What do I mean by this? Focus on playing up your assets (your favorite body parts) and reducing your liabilities (those areas of the body you’d just as soon never see in the mirror again). One of the main reasons that clothes shopping is so painful is that it is a huge reminder that you’re not where you want to be weight-wise. It’s a fact you just can’t ignore when you’re surrounded by six dressing room mirrors, all showing you up close and personal all the areas of your body you detest. If you want to ease your discomfort in the dressing room, you need to shift your focus from the body parts you don’t like to the ones you are comfortable showing off. Spending time accenting areas you love is tons more fun that trying to play Houdini with your butt or thighs. If you have a nice chest, choose shirts that show your girls off. If you’ve got a curvaceous bottom, buy pants that sing when you walk. Besides, if you put your assets in the spotlight, no one will bother to look for the liabilities you left in the dark.

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Wear flattering undergarments

Ever go shopping and enter the dressing room just to remember that you are wearing your holey underwear or a bra that it is built for comfort not for beauty? And, how does it make you feel when you look in the mirror? Disgusting, right? If you want any chance at all of walking out of that store with new clothes in hand, you need to take proper precautions that morning by deciding to wear a cute little bra and panty set that makes you feel good. After all, it isn’t always the clothes on the outside that determine how you feel about yourself. That’s why stores like OiiO Stop, Tula Secret and Maa Lingerie are so popular.

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