Take an honest friend with you
Are you wondering how taking an outspoken tell-it-like-it-is friend shopping with you is painless? Well, it’s not so much the shopping itself that’s painless, it’s the fact that you’re diverting yourself from buying the wrong style clothes that you’ll likely just end up returning anyway. Now is not the time to have a friend that can’t give constructive criticism. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be constructive as long as it’s honest. You need someone who will tell you when your pants make your butt look frumpy and your shirts look like they belong to your grandmother. You might not always like what your friend has to say, and you may not even agree, but having someone else there that may see things you don’t is always a plus. Well, that is unless she has no sense of style whatsoever which would beg to ask why you would take someone like that clothes shopping with you anyway?

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Choose a wide array of sizes for the dressing room

There’s nothing worse than getting in the dressing room, stripping down to your undies and finding out that the pants you want to try on aren’t going to fit. You can avoid the whole scenario of getting redressed, finding the rack they were on, getting a new size and going back just to find your fitting room is now taken, if you just grab a couple different sizes with you when you go in the first time. Of course, if you have your outspoken friend there with you, you can always send her to get a new size. But, really do you want to stand there and stare at every dimple and crevice until she returns five minutes later? I don’t think so.

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