Will I be able to use my credit card abroad
Credit cards can be used in the same way abroad as in this country. You can pay for hotels, meals and purchases as well as obtain cash from cash machines abroad. But bear in mind there may be extra charges for converting currency. These are normally referred to as foreign usage loading on your statement. Also, when you withdraw cash abroad, you will pay a cash-handling fee on top of foreign usage loading – find out more about getting the best travel credit card.

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How can I protect myself against credit card fraud?

With more and more of us shopping online and over the phone, protection from identity fraud is more important than ever. Most banks now offer a fraud protection guarantee so you won’t pick up the bill if someone steals your credit card details. To ensure your credit card details aren’t used without your consent: check your credit card statements regularly – if anything seems unusual, alert your credit card provider immediately never tell anyone your PIN number, not even your bank (and never write your PIN down) make sure no one is watching you when you enter your PIN in shops or at cash machines check your credit report for changes.

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