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VGA to AV-TV-RCA Video Converter Box

VGA to AV-TV-RCA Video Converter Box
prices: 1550.00 - 1550.00
Product Details This is Video/S-video to VGA converter switch. It has VGA, S-video and video input with VGA output, by which it enable the video in DVD, DVR PC host, etc to be displayed on PC monitor or LCD. Single button for easy switch between different input sources. Feature: 1. Advanced scan frequency improves the technique, refresh rate can be easily switched between 60Hz-75Hz, while the pictures don’t flick 2. Resolving capability can be easily switched among (800 x 600/ 1024 x 768/ 1280 x 1024/ 1440 x 900/ 1680 x 1050/ 1920 x 1200), CRT MONITOR and LCD MONITOR are compatible. 4. Distinguishing PIP function, and the size and position of the windows can be adjusted 5. The AV/S terminator input interface can be connected to DVD/PDP/PS2/Game Console etc. 6. Broadband PC/TV selector switch (200MHz) 7. External Power from 5V@500mA. 8. Pure hardware design, just Plug & Play No software or driver requirement. Package include: 1 x TV to PC Converter 1 x A/C adaptor 1 x S terminator line ধন্যবাদ। Brand: Other Condition: New Model: V2AV Weight: 1.00 kg

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VGA to AV-TV-RCA Video Converter Box Price: 1550.00 icon As Per Kaymu Policy
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VGA to AV-TV-RCA Video Converter Box Price: 1550.00 icon As per company policy
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